Magento Architecture & Customization (Part – 1)

Magento is MVC Framework, Magento module architecture is EDA.

What is MVC Framework?

  • Model: Work with data, stores, take out data from the database. It is also work in data performance and accuracy of data optimization.
  • View: Showing changes of the system to a user according to data of the model.
  • Controller: Interaction between View and Model. Collect Data from Model and Display on View.

Now Discuss Magento module architecture, Magento module is implemented by MVVM architecture.

  • Model: This model behaves as a normal model. Data management, data handling is performed in this section.
  • View: Graphical Interface handle, Interaction process handle between model and View Model. sending values according to user input in View Model.
  • View Model: this section provides or displays user data, that comes from View section. Model present so converts data into view.

Interaction of the View and View model is identified as a presentation layer. Interaction of the Model and View Model is identified as a Business logic layer.

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