Magento Architecture & Customization (Part – 2)

Make own module in Magento 2.

  • Why create a module?

Magento is basically a collection of a module, Developer needs to create module whenever Magento shop want to extend & change core feature, add some extra logic or feature, add extra content & integration of other websites(eBay, Instagram,  Amazon etc.) with Magento.

  • Where located module?

Magento core module is located in Magento directory ‘vendor/magento’.  If we create module we have to place in ‘vendor’ folder or ‘app/code/’. if we have to put a module in vendor required module compser.json file.

  • How to create a Module?

First, we have to declare module name like {company_name}{module_name}.

  • Which section and file are included in the Module structure?

In module required file is

  1. Registration.php
  2. Composer.json
  3. etc Folder
  4. In etc folder Module.xml
  • How to install and uninstall module?

Magento Module is installed by two method

  1. Copying Module files in ‘app/code’ or ‘vendor’ directory.
  2. Install by Composer through SSH. (Module have the compulsory composer.json file)

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