PHP for beginners – Chapter 3

Here we are going to learn third step towards PHP. PHP for beginners – Chapter 3.

How to run a sample “hello world” code. Is there any server or compiler required for that?

I hope you have read PHP for beginners – Chapter 1 and PHP for beginners – Chapter 2 before reading this Chapter. In this chapter you will know how to run your code.

Once you have written you code. It is very important to run code. To run code, we need to start Apache server. You have to install Wamp or Xampp server for this.

I will explain you this in Xampp server.

Open Xampp Control Panel. You will see as per following image.

Xampp Control Panel

Click on Start button in row of Apache Module. It will start Apache Server. To check it is working proper or not open your browser and type http://localhost

If it will run successful then it will display following page.

This is indicating that you have successfully install xampp control panel. Now you are ready to play with PHP.



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