PHP for beginners – Chapter 5

Welcome Back, Now we are going to learn Chapter 5 from PHP for beginners.

In this chapter, we will start coding in PHP. 🙂

We will start from “Hello world” example.

Open any editor. To choose editor – check our post for it. PHP for beginners – Chapter 2

Create a new file test.php

Write following code :


echo “Hello world!”;


Save this file.

To run this file. first you have to start apache server. I hope you have read our article on this. PHP for beginners – Chapter 3

Start apache server. Place this file into htdocs folder. after starting your apache server.

Open your browser and type http://localhost/test.php

you will see output “Hello world”.

Now, we will see some more example for loops. Suppose we want to print 1 to 10 numbers.


for($i = 1; $i<=10;$i++) {

echo $i.”<br />”;



This output will be :











You can learn more about php operators, loops, functions, strings and all from 

I hope this article will help you to start coding in php.

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