PHP for beginners – Introducation

Learning any language is easy, if approach to learn language is correct.

You must have knowledge of flow statement (loops – if else,while,for etc.,) , arrays, structures (stack etc., ) to use. They are irrelevant to language.

To lean any language, following thing to you need to know.

  1. How many software are required?
  2. How to write a code? Means you need to know about editor in which you can make a code.
  3. How to run a sample “hello world” code. Is there any server or compiler required for that?
  4. Syntax of the language.
  5. Make a simple examples like printing a lines, use Loops, use arrays, use structures.
  6. One file handling program.
  7. Session management (if exists in language).
  8. Database Connections. (Very important)

If you use this approach to learn any language. You can easily understand the language and learn language.

So we will start with this approach and you will able to built a PHP script by yourself.

Click here to Start with PHP for beginners – Chapter 1



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