Magento 2.3.0 Localhost (Frontend are Blank)

Frontend is Blank

All Template File is Not loading

After installing Magento 2.3 on localhost, some-time Magento all Template file is not loading, due to that Frontend id blank.

For debugging set developer mode in Magento. Then you got error Require-js.phtml is not defined or valid.

How to Solve it.

Open Magento\vendor\magento\framework\View\Element\Template\File\Validator.php File and edit Line no 138.
Old Code :

$realPath = $this->fileDriver->getRealPath($path);

New Code :

$realPath = str_replace('\\', '/', $this->fileDriver->getRealPath($path));

Replace New Code with old one, then Refresh cache.

Enjoy Your Development.
Pratik Panchal.

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